Call-In Dictation Systems


Buy or lease our system, and connect to your computer and analog phone line(s).

Call-In Dictation Service


Call into our dictation service.  Your dictations alert your secretary and securely download to their DigiScribe transcription software.

Transcription Kits


Transcribe with ease with foot pedal control.  Many headset styles to choose from.

Dictation & Document Flinger

FTP Magic

Send your dictations to your transcriptionist at home or at the office, and have your documents sent back to you.

Dictation Alerts


Alert your transcriptionist to new work

with an email or text alert message.

Report Generator

Report Genie

DigiTel dictation history report generator.

Hands-Free Dictation Station Kit

Pathology Station

Our Hands Free Dictate Station works seamlessly with our DigiTel dictation system and our DigiCloud dictation service.

Often used in Pathology applications.

Simply plug its foot pedal and goose-neck microphone into the dictate station base, plug in its power pack to a wall outlet, and connect its RJ11 jack to an analog phone line.

Use one of its one-touch memory dial buttons to store the system's phone number, and others to store each user's Pin number to log into the system with.

The goose-neck microphone is very flexible for easy adjustment.  And the foot pedal lets you begin recording, pause, playback and send your dictation for transcription.

In DigiTel or DigiCloud, set the dictate station's user's touch-tone functions to Rec 2, Stop 4, Play 1, Send 5.



Foot Pedals, Headsets, Ear Cushions.

Web Transcription Utility

Pedal Magic

Our magic utility enables your transcriptionist to pedal control website and app playback.