You can put as many users into DigiTel's user list as you need to.  You connect one phone line to each of your DigiTel Pod's Line jacks.  The number of users that can call into the system at the same time equals the number of Lines of the system size you have chosen, and thus the number of phone lines that you have connected to the system.

A 1-Line DigiTel system can typically handle a few users, but of course only one calling in at a time.  A 4-Line DigiTel system can typically handle about 20 users with them hardly, if ever, getting a busy signal.  Its all a matter of how many users you have, how long their average dictation length is, and how many dictations they may call in during the day.  But because of the random nature of when a user may call in, a few lines usually go a long way.

If you know that one or more users want a dedicated line (such as with the principal partner in a law firm), then choose the desired system size by the number of dedicated lines you want plus the number of shareable lines you want.

Your DigiTel system's capacity can be upgraded at any time.  A 1-Line system can be upgraded to a 2-Line system with a purchase of a new license key.  As well a 3-Line system can be upgraded to a 4-Line system.  And one or more 4-Line systems can be used on the same pc with a 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 Line system so you have choose a Line capacity between 1 to 32 total Lines.

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