Our Quick Start Guides that accompany each product (and that are available for download at www.DigiTelSoftware.com) make it very easy for you to install our products in just a few minutes.

You can also call us to install our products for you.  We're also happy to train you on how to use them.  Initial installations and training is free.

Re-installations are $29.
Feel free to download fully working versions of our software.  They'll run for 30 days without a license key.  You can also view and download our product installation and user manuals.
Once you purchase one of our software products (DigiScribe, DigiAlert, ReportGenie, FTP Magic), install and run it.  It will open to its Registration menu.  Then email Keys@DigiTelSoftware.com the Lock Number shown in the Registration menu so we can generate and email back to you your specific license key.  You can click Close to close the Registration menu to begin using the product while you're awaiting your license email.

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