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Now Hiring:  Sales Reps

The Opportunity:  Warm calling on professional dictation users nationwide:  Law Offices, Doctor Offices, Police/Sheriff/Fire Departments, Insurance Companies and more.  Anyone that has to create documentation in their daily work day, and that's just about everyone, can benefit from using our dictation system or dictation service!

We prefer someone with warm calling experience, but we will train you if you have the right background and attitude.

Your compensation:  You will be paid by sales commissions.  Call Andy at 1-631-828-1245 for compensation details.

Responsibility:  Discover perspective customers (using your own search methods) and make initial customer contact.  Schedule demonstrations for me to do with the perspective customer.  Work from your home office.  Contact perspective customers via phone and email and mail.  Visit local customers as you see fit.

Learn the products via the information available on this website and at and personal training done by Andy via phone and pc).

This is a lucrative opportunity for the right person with the right mindset, attitude and experience.  We develop our own products and they are rock solid.  We have thousands of satisfied customers.

Apply:  Call Andy Braverman to discuss your experience and any questions you have:  1-631-828-1245.  You may email a resume to
Professional Dictation Systems
Phone:  1-631-828-1245