DigiCloud is our Call-In Dictation Service that is based upon our DigiTel System, located in our secure facility and connected to our phone lines.  You assign a PIN Number to each user to log-in with, dial the phone number we provide, and your user controls their dictation via their phone's touchtones to begin recording, pause, playback, and more.  DigiCloud  is available with a small annual membership, plus a small per minute usage charge.  Your user's dictations go to one or more of our DigiScribe Transcription Kits via our secure FTP File Transfer service, with our DigiAlert email/text alerting your secretarial staff.  Our FTP File Transfer service and DigiAlert email/text alerting service is included free with your DigiCloud membership.
Membership & Usage Fee
DigiCloud DC-1
$89 per Year
(24¢ per Day)
DigiCloud DC-10
10 Users
$128 per Year
(35¢ per Day)
DigiCloud DC-25
25 Users
$168 per Year
46¢ per Day)
DigiCloud Usage
Recording Time
33¢ per Minute
Enroll and start dictating in minutes.
Use as your main dictation solution.
Use as your DigiTel System backup solution.
File recordings are high fidelity wav files.
Each user gets their own login PIN & Password.
Email/Text Alerts go to your secretary.
Your dictations securely go to your secretary.
DigiScribe In-Ear Transcription Kit
DigiScribe Over-Ear Transcription Kit
DigiScribe License
(If you have pedal/headset)
DS Key
Ordering Info
Ordering Info
Ordering Info
Ordering Info
Call 1-631-828-2034 to try DigiCloud now.

  At the login prompt enter PIN: 1# and then press
    2 to Record
       3 to Playback
          0 to hear more options
Your transcriptionist will need DigiScribe to receive and transcribe your DigiCloud dictations.

Order a DigiScribe Kit if you need a foot pedal and headset.  Order the DS Key if you already have an IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 foot pedal and a headset.

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